SumoSprings Rebel - Rear


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SumoSprings Rebel - Rear

Product Details

SumoSprings® are a patented suspension product designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. They are maintenance free, do not leak air, and do not require airlines or compressors. SumoSprings® are manufactured in a variety of heights, diameters and densities to support multiple front and rear applications. They are manufactured from proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane providing a smooth and progressive spring rate.

  • Per the manufacturer: Never load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer's GVWR
  • Sold as a pair (left and right)
  • Requires no maintenance; Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Enhances load carrying ability
  • 4600 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression
  • Reduces and stabilizes sway
  • Improves overall driver control and ride comfort
  • Compress up to 80% of original height with full memory rebound
  • Two-piece unit attached on top and bottom using separate male and female pieces allows unlimited travel
  • Made from patented micro-cellular urethane - Progressive spring rate
  • World's only leak-proof air spring


Brand SumoSprings